Full of fairytale architecture and delectable cuisine, it’s no wonder Arequipa is a top destination for Peru travel. Visit Andean mummies, shop for alpaca sweaters, and feast on the city’s famous food specialties. Without a doubt, the local cuisine is one of the region’s strongest attractions, and no one should miss out on a typical lunch in one of the traditional “picanterías” while visiting. 

Arequipa is known as the “White City” because many of the buildings have been built from “sillar”, a white stone that comes from enormous quarries formed by the lava of volcanoes that watch over the city. Arequipa’s history spans centuries and has been lovingly preserved, particularly in the Historic Center and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Arequipa is surrounded by three volcanoes and in close proximity to Colca Canyon, one of the steepest Canyons in the world and a major point of interest