Ayacucho is a must visit destination for several reasons. The region is the symbol of the consolidation of the emancipatory process in South America thanks to the famous battle that was fought in its pampas. Ayacucho portrays the greatest cultural renaissance of the Andes, initiated after the dark years of hiking violence and the armed and police forces. Today it is possible to fully appreciate the well conserved history through walking streets of the city of Huamanga, which maintains its colonial architecture at the height of the classic Spanish cities with its more than 30 old churches and mansions that give the impression that time has stopped.

The special geography of Ayacucho also offers fascinating and unusual landscapes that attract nature and outdoors lovers, as well as notable archaeological remains of the extraordinary Andean civilizations of the Huaris, Chancas and Incas. On top of this, is the vital and creative richness of his artistic expressions, particularly of its crafts, religious festivals and his music, known and praised throughout the world. Ayacucho, in short, is a town that knows how to rise from poverty and pain to resume the path of peace, justice and freedom to the people.