The Ica Valley, located between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean, is a desert landscape known for its vineyards and sand dunes. It has become a popular destination for wine-lovers, amateur archaeologists, and anyone who wants to try new outdoor activities in the shifting sands of a prehistoric desert. When you visit Ica, you’ll want to bottle the environment – the fresh air, the sun, and the sand. Luckily, the local vineyards are already invested in that very process.

Wine lovers know that a good vintage comes from a good landscape; grapes take on the flavor of their surroundings. Ica’s sandy soil and sunny climate create a balanced mineral cocktail in the soil, producing grapes that transform into a clear brandy called pisco, or a hearty wine. Go on a tour of a local vineyard and have a sip of Ica from a glass. On the outskirts of Ica, vineyards are typically located near beautiful hotels and resorts. All around Ica, wineries called bodegas serve specialty Peruvian wines, alongside savory Peruvian dishes.

In the downtown part of Ica, one can admire a small but lovely selection of colonial houses and explore exhibits of the area’s more ancient past at El Museo Regional de Ica. Before leaving the Ica desert, lounge by the smooth waters of the Huacachina Oasis. It’s been a local attraction for many years and, according to a Quechua folktale, the home of a water spirit. Huacachina is a sight to see and one can’t fully appreciate the striking visual of lush greenery thriving in the middle of a desert unless witnessed in person!