Peru is one of 10 mega-diverse countries of the world, with hundreds of endemic species of flora and fauna; a paradise for bird watching and orchid spotting, or the exploration of remote and mythical natural landscapes, some still pristine virgin lands teeming with life.

The country of Peru shelters 84 of the 117 life zones existing on Earth and 28 different types of weather. In terms of the numbers of animal species, Peru tops the list in fish, butterflies and orchids, is second in birds, third in mammals and amphibians, fourth in overall biological diversity, and fifth in plants and reptiles.  

The lush Amazon Basin takes up half of Peru and is an ecologically rich area of tropical rainforest that encompasses some of the world’s most remote and least explored areas, sparsely populated and for the most part, inaccessible.

In the coast, Peru has a marine domain of 863 thousand square kilometers, almost similar to the area of the Amazon, being the area corresponding to the Peruvian Humboldt Current, the richest in the world in plankton production. In the Peruvian Sea, exist 20 of the 67 species of small cetaceans known in the world.

In the Andes, the highest tropical mountains in the world, very interesting places exist under the ecological point of view, Huascaran National Park and the snowy peaks of the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountain Range), and the Colca Canyon, the deepest in the world.

With a plethora of experiences in nature,  a single trip is not enough to discover all the wonders of Peru, but it is a good start.