• Honesty – Our words align with our actions at all times. 
  • Integrity – We are guided by what is true, fair and ethical. 
  • Respect – We have the utmost respect for each other within our office, to our guests, partners and to Mother Earth. 
  • Love – Love is our greatest, most unifying force in creation and the basis of all that we do. 
  • Passion – We are on this path because this work is what ignites our souls. 
  • Authenticity- We are committed to providing genuine experiences that honor Peru’s history, traditions and rich culture. 
  • Quality – We uphold our high standards for quality in every interaction and every single itinerary we create.
  • Creativity-  We are consistently turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.
  • Oneness – We are all one and by uniting, together we can positively impact humanity. 
  • Service – Our success is a direct reflection of the impact we are able to make in our local and global community. 

“LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL” – Sathya Sai Baba