Just a 3 hour drive south of Lima, along the coast of the southern desert region of Ica,  Paracas is the perfect escape for warm weather, coastal scenery, and sublime sunsets.  The unique landscape features a desert that runs down to a deep blue sea through horseshoe-shaped beaches, gigantic cliffs and rocky bluffs carved out by the wind and waves. 

Located in the province of Pisco, in the department of Ica, Paracas is one of the zones of greater biodiversity of Peru and South America. In fact, Paracas is home to one of the largest populations of sealions in the world. Explore the marine world of the Ballestas Islands and discover hidden beaches on the Paracas National Reserve. The Paracas National Reserve is part of the national system of protected areas by the Peruvian State. It was created in order to provide protection to the different species of flora and faunanative to the place.

Tranquility, beauty, warm temperatures and sunshine almost 365 days a year; Paracas is a natural tourist destination with a growing flow of visitors. When not relaxing and soaking up the sun, Paracas is an ideal destination to partake in activities such as diving, fishing, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and of course, photography.