Travel to Puno to explore the islands of Lake Titicaca and to visit pre-Inca archaeological gems such as Tiwanaku. While here, take a stroll down Lima, Puno’s pedestrian street. This street sports the city’s best restaurants and is a good place to eat, shop, and explore. Try chairo, a local soup dish, or any number of the fresh fish options while eating at these restaurants. There are also a few shops that have weavings and clothing made from alpaca wool. 

Across the Andean world, Puno is renowned for its annual celebration, the Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria. Revelers from across Peru and Bolivia flock to the city for this month-long festival. Puno hosts an assortment of religious festivals throughout the year. Nearly 300 festivals take place around Lake Titicaca each year, and if you’re in this area during one of them, it’s probably worth checking out. The celebrations are colorful and fun, with lots of dancing and music. A particularly impressive dance is La Diablada, which is performed each year on February 2 during Puno’s Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria. The dance portrays a battle between angels and devils.

Aside from exploring the town and its festivals, there are a number of other activities that travelers can enjoy while staying in Puno. Make sure to visit Lake Titicaca on kayak or by motorboat to enjoy beautiful views of the lake and surrounding hillsides while out on the water.