Tarapoto, known as the “City of Palms,” is located in the District of San Martín. Itis an hour by plane from Lima, in the high jungle plateau to the east of what is known as the selva baja (low jungle).  It has waterfalls, orchids and butterflies, and is characterized by florid landscapes and a tropical environment. The Río Abiseo (declared a UNESCO world cultural and natural heritage site) and Cordillera Azul National Parks are sanctuaries for endangered species. 

Its lakes, like Lake Lindo and Lake Azul, have crystal-clear water, and there are towns and cities surrounded by vegetation, such as Lamas, Rioja and Moyobamba. Its archaeological sites are not well known, for example the citadel of Gran Pajatén. Tarapoto is located in the North-east jungle of Peru, with varied geography including fertile valleys, hilly terrains, Andean plains and a small, low jungle area.